gather together.

We are ...
Vital Sign is the evolution of our appreciation of quality teas combined with our passion for creating delicious, transparent, authentic beverages.

We work with the folks at Mem Tea to source and blend delicious, high quality teas as the foundation for Vital Sign.

Instead of using cane sugar as an alcohol source we use fruit. And instead of using mysterious, chemically concocted “natural flavors” in our teas, we use real tea and real fruit.

As a result, we have created a nitro hard tea product with a reasonable alcohol level on the lower calorie spectrum that people can enjoy and feel good about drinking.  
We believe...
We believe tea is meant to be shared. Tea has historically been connected with social gatherings and in many countries a cup of tea is a symbol of hospitality. We aim to keep that tradition going with Vital Sign.

There is no tea without other people. There is no Vital Sign without you. Good tea = good times. Gather together.
Real Tea. Real Fruit.
All products are made without mystery “Natural Flavors”. No artificial anything.
Teas are sourced from our friends at Boston-based MEM Tea.
We use cider and grape-based spirits as an alcohol source, and nitro-infuse our teas for a smoother mouthfeel.