nitro hard teas

About Shipping

Shipping costs can get expensive, especially when shipping cans, so we’ve created some minimum order sizes to help make sure you get the best bang for your buck. We're currently offering 3 x 4 packs with shipping included in the price.

Shipping Policy

Under law, we may ship wine only to people aged 21 and above in states that allow wine shipments to consumers. Should you not expect to be home when your order is anticipated, you have a couple of options. Someone age 21 or above (they'll have to show valid identification) can accept it on your behalf or you can arrange to have it shipped to another location, such as your work location, should you work outside out of the home, or to a neighbor's.

UPS will make three, consecutive, business day attempts to deliver your order. They won't specify the time of delivery, but will specify the date(s). You can sign up for their free MyChoice service which can help determine the delivery time. If unsuccessful after three attempts, UPS will hold your order five days at one of their local distribution centers. It will then be your responsibility to pick it up. After the five days it will be returned to the shipper.An alternate delivery address or delivery date can be specified, but UPS will charge for this service.