Jasmine Citrus

Yin Hao Jasmine Green Tea blended with fresh lemon and lime juices. It’s well-balanced and easy drinking with bright citrusy flavor.
Calories 110 • Carbs 4g • Sugars 4g • Gluten-Free • No Artificial Ingredients • No "Natural Flavors"

The base of this refreshing blend is Yin Hao Jasmine Green Tea, a premium quality, full-bodied green tea infused with jasmine flowers giving it a hint of sweetness and lingering floral aroma. The tea comes from the Fujian province of China, one of the most famous Chinese tea producing provinces.

We blended the tea with fresh lemon and lime juices and lightly sweetened it with Organic Blue Agave. The result is a well-balanced, easy drinking tea with bright citrusy flavor and soft floral notes on the finish.

Fresh Cold-Brewed Tea (Water, Yin Hao Jasmine Green Tea), Lime Juice, Lemon Juice, Organic Blue Agave, Premium Grape Spirit, Hard Cider.
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